“I would and have highly recommended utilizing Bob Bergman and his office for processing Heggstad petitions.  I have worked with Bob for a client’s benefit when the situation was not cut and dry enough for my home county’s probate court.  He was able to successfully procure an ex parte Heggstad order for my client which was a huge relief and a huge saving in time…

I would not hesitate to work with Bob again or recommend his services to my client Trustees or to fellow aAtorneys who are having challenges getting Heggstad petitions granted in their home counties.  Bob not only has the systems and documents in place to quickly pull an appropriate petition together,  he is very well versed on how to communicate with and work with the court staff to allow a relatively quick and seamless process.  His down to earth demeanor makes it easy to communicate and move forward as well.”

– Jennifer Thaete, Esq., Law Offices of Jennifer Thaete, PC, Livermore, California

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Bergman to have him complete a Heggstad petition for our client.  Mr. Bergman handled the matter professionally and expeditiously.  From the initial contact with Mr. Bergman, it took only 2 weeks to obtain an Order from the Court granting the Heggstad petition.

The last time we filed a Heggstad petition in Los Angeles County the hearing date was set for 6 months out.  Our client was very happy and we are glad that this service is offered by Mr. Bergman.  We will definitely recommend his service to other clients needing a quick turnaround on a Heggstad petition.”

– Gladys Aquino, Esq., Panitz & Kossoff, LLP, Westlake Village, California