Fees and Costs

Effective January 1, 2020, I charge a $6,000.00 fixed fee for a “clean” ex parte Heggstad petition under Probate Code Section 850.   A clean petition is one where there are no interested parties that would object to the action being taken.  

There is an additional fixed fee of $2,000.00 if one or more current or remainder beneficiaries of the irrevocable trust are minors (i.e. under the age of 18 years), incapacitated persons, or persons who cannot be located, to cover the fees and costs of petitioning the Court for appointment of a guardian ad litem for those beneficiaries. 

  • Necessary face-to-face meetings and/or teleconferences;

  • Gathering of necessary information to draft the petition;

  • Drafting of petition, waivers of notice of hearing and consents of all interested parties;

  • Coordination of the distribution of the petition draft and waivers of consents to all interested parties;

  • Once all paperwork is complete, direct delivery  and filing of the completed petition and court order to the appropriate Probate Examiner and Probate Court;

  • Once the order is signed by the Probate Court, filing of signed Probate Court order, and issuance of one (1) one certified copy of the Probate Court order.  If additional certified copies are desired (e.g. there are multiple assets), then additional certified copies may be obtained at the same time.

  • On return to office, scan and email copy of filed petition and copy of certified Probate Court order by the next business day

  • Delivery of original certified copy(ies) of Probate Court order(s) by mail or FedEx to the Petitioner.

Fixed fees include the payment of court filing fees, including one certified copy of the Court order granting the petition.   Additional certified copies of the Probate Court order are $50.00 each.

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